Build a profitable and compliant Take-Back program

We handle the logistics and recycling to build a post-consumer recycling program
that will keep you in compliance with EPR laws in all 50 states.

What are EPR laws and what do I need to do to comply?

Unfortunately, EPR is extremely complex and is handled at the state level, leaving manufacturers with the responsibility for identifying and compliying with a host of complex regulations. States like California and New York have enacted laws required electronic manufacturers to collect, handle and recycle their own waste. 23 other states have pending regulation in the e-waste area.

Manufacturers face the challenge of building a complex reverse logistics supply chain that complies with all of these and incorporates e-waste, disassembly, logistics and remarketing partners. This can be a huge drain on gross margin but it doesn't need to be. Often, post-consumer waste is valuable and could be disassembled, donated or resold profitably.

How does a Take-Back Program
with Mobius work?

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Easy Reverse Logistics

We streamline logistics directly from your customers to our certified facilities.

Sorting & Recycling

We determine the best disposal, resale and recycling avenues for your product based on market value and disassembly cost.

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Rebates and costs

If your parts are remarketed, you get a rebate on our recycling fees. The majority of our customers receive a check back from us.

Build your Take-Back program with Mobius.