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Get certified electronic parts in under two weeks

Mobius is a B2B marketplace for hardware manufacturers to save up to 70% on parts by matching them with sellers with excess.

Hardware sourcing is hard

Sourcing is one of the riskiest parts of bringing a hardware product to market.


Underbuy and you could need to quickly source more components to meet demand

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Allows you to quickly buy and sell bulk electronic components.


Over-source and you could waste millions of dollars on parts that you can’t sell back

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From the Founder

Mobius solves electronic component inventory issues

"As the head of operations for an IoT module manufacturer, every year I was throwing away hundreds of thousands of dollars of new excess components and then turning around and paying out the wazoo for other similar components.

At Mobius Materials, our mission is to fix this breakdown by helping manufacturers improve P&L and getting these parts back into the supply chain."

Margaret Upshur

Founder and CEO

Built for Manufacturers

Why use certified excess components?

We only take parts from vetted suppliers and we comprehensively test the authenticity of our parts.


Get 10 - 70% off common parts by buying preowned. Discounts vary by component grade.


Shortage in the market? Get access to rare stock other hardware manufacturers stockpiled.

Hundreds of OEMs, Millions of parts sold

With partners who say things like:

“Mobius was able to swap out 12 parts from our BOM and save us more than 25% of the cost. We're excited to spend our time and money on things that drive value for the business instead of sourcing”

Hailey N.

Chief Executive Officer

"With brokers we sold less than 2 parts per month, after partnering with Mobius we have been securing over 10 orders every month. The team at Mobius has made a tangible impact on reducing our excess inventory."

Kendell W.

Manufacturing & Operations Leader

Mobius Blog and News

Connect with Mobius's newest tools, keep up with the latest on part shortages and manufacturing, and learn about building a circular economy for your business.

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Keep your next project on track and under budget

Quickly source rare stock from other company's excess with the assurance that parts are tested and authentic.