Our Story

Margaret Upshur founded Mobius to fix a dirty secret of the electronics industry; overstocked electronic components are thrown into the landfill instead of being resold, to the tune of $15B of annual waste.

After running into this problem at her previous role as the Director of Operations at an electronics manufacturer, Margaret committed to make it profitable and easy for manufacturers to source and process authentic excess electronic components in a green way.

As a start-up veteran with a background in engineering, Margaret is adding a dose of high-tech problem-solving to the traditional issues of sorting, quality control and authentication of recycled goods.

Mobius is supported by a team of expert advisors at the top of their fields, including Mark Palmeri, Professor of Engineering at Duke University, and Zach Supalla, the founder and CEO of Particle.

Headshot of Margaret Upshur

Margaret Upshur, Founder and CEO

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