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Make 3-7x more than broker offers by selling with Mobius

Sell your excess electronic components directly to other OEMs. Mobius does all the negotiation and logistics for you.


Customer Example: Broker Offer


Customer Example: With Mobius

Brokers make money by paying you the lowest price.

We make money by selling the maximum amount of your parts at the highest possible price.

"With brokers we sold less than 2 parts per month, after partnering with Mobius we have been securing over 10 orders every month. The team at Mobius has made a tangible impact on reducing our excess inventory."

Kendell W.

Manufacturing & Operations Leader

How it works

1. Send us a CSV of your excess

Send your dedicated account rep a CSV (and we've seen some bad ones) of the quantity and mpn.

We take any mass production oriented electronic components.

How it works

2. We sell the excess directly to OEMs at 3x broker prices

We post components on our marketplace and partner sites so your parts are visible throughout the spot market.

How it works

3. When parts sell, ship them to us

We'll send you a shipping label and we'll handle the rest. That means inspections, escrow services and fraud checks.

How it works

4. Get paid for your excess

We will send you the sales price of the goods minus our processing costs.

Ready to get your excess out of the door?

Mobius’ algorithm prices your parts at the highest possible price by factoring in market supply, velocity, interest, and your minimum price.