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Mobius Blog

Connect with Mobius's newest tools, keep up with the latest on part shortages and manufacturing, and learn about building a circular economy for your business.

A $100B counterfeiting problem

Manufacturers are facing increasing dangers from the gigantic semiconductor gray market as the shortage continues

Why Sustainability Ultimately Begins and Ends with E-Waste, and not Paper Straws

Paper straws are stressful, but e-wasting properly shouldn't be.

Reducing Waste: a checklist for electronics manufacturers

Your checklist: Carbon neutral materials, renewable energy, RoHS compliance, packaging and transport.

The Sustainable Silver Lining to the Silicon Shortage

Could the shortage actually be helping the circular economy?

The Secret Life of Semiconductor Counterfeits

The semiconductor counterfeit industry is booming at $25B annually. Here's where all that scrap comes from.

Partnering with Gusist Sourcing Agency

Mobius has entered into a strategic partnership with Gusist Sourcing Agency

Covid Didn't Cause The Silicon Shortage - Here's What Did

Manufacturers may point to COVID closures as the cause for the Silicon Shortage, but there's something else at fault.

Businesses are Building Newly Profitable Business Models, from Your Old Stuff

Businesses are turning excess, whether consumer or business into profit.

E-waste Policy is Broken

Just like the old TV you can’t throw out. Here’s how businesses are fixing it.