How do I start selling to Mobius?

You can visit our for sellers page to see more information about how to sell to Mobius. Once you fill out our get a quote form, we will be in touch with you regarding how much we will pay for your parts and what we can put up on our marketplace.

How do I buy from Mobius?

Visit our store and create an account to start browsing the marketplace and place an order. You can also reach out to us personally with any questions regarding product availability or your Bill of Materials by contacting us.

How does Mobius verify chips?

Our commitment to authenticity means that we guarantee that every part on our site is verified and viable for use. Our anti-counterfeit technology ensures that we identify any potentially counterfeit items. We do not include defective, counterfeit, or inauthentic chips in in our marketplace. Please reach out if you find any issues with your chips, and we will replace the parts, free of charge.

What is your return and refund policy?

We will provide a full refund to anyone unsatisfied with their parts, or send you replacements free of charge. We will accept returns up to 30 days after the date of purchase and issue a full refund or marketplace credit.

When and why was Mobius founded?

Mobius was founded in 2020 by Margaret Upshur, an entrepreneur with a dream to reshape the e-waste landscape. We envision a world where e-waste is minimal and it is profitable to recycle or resell preowned parts. Check out our story for more information about Mobius' founding.

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