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Frequently Asked Questions

We answer top questions below – grouped by 'buying' or 'selling'.

How do I buy from Mobius?

Visit our store to see our current stock or submit an RFQ to find a specific part you are looking for. You can also reach out to us with any questions regarding product availability or RFQs by contacting us.

What payment methods are available at checkout?

We accept credit cards (Visa, Mastercard and American Express). We can also send you an invoice that you can pay via ACH or wire. For an invoice, select "Invoice Me" as the payment method.

What are the payment terms?

Parts must be paid for before shipment. To apply for payment terms, please contact

How do customs, duties and taxes work when buying from Mobius?

All parts are sold EXW, meaning the buyer is responsible for duties and customs and shipping costs.

What shipping methods are available?

We ship via USPS, UPS, FedEx and DHL. To use your own shipping account, please place the order and then contact

What countries do you ship to?

We ship internationally with the exception of some countries. At this time, we can not ship to Balkans, Belarus, Central African Republic, Congo, Cuba, Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Liberia, Libya, North Korea, Somalia, Syria, or Ukraine/Russia. If you have any question about whether or not we ship to your region, please contact us at

What is your return policy?

You will have 14 days from receipt of the goods to verify and accept them. If you find any non-conformance, we will ship them back at no cost to you. Please contact with any questions.

How does Mobius authenticate parts?

We authenticate every part we sell. First, we have a strict quality control process to be a seller. We physically inspect chips and we can provide additional testing inspection reports from authorized labs and ownership details on request. We validate the chain of ownership of chips.

How can I get more information about a listing such as the date code or country of origin?

Please contact us at with the link of the part you are interested in and we will provide more details on the part.

I want a different quantity than is available on the site. Is that possible?

In some cases, sellers can offer partial quantities or have more stock. Please contact with the listing you are interested in to learn more.

What do the different conditions mean?

Listings have different conditions such as “Brand New” and “Brand New, Opened”. "Brand New" parts are factory sealed in the original quantity. "Brand New, Opened" parts are a partial quantity and may or may not be in the original packaging. All parts have been authenticated, are unused and have been stored appropriately.

What type of company are you?

We are a marketplace that specializes in connecting electronics manufacturers (OEMs, CMs and EMS) with excess internal components and the manufacturers that need those parts for their production

Where do you buy your parts?

We work with electronics manufacturers (OEMs, CMs and EMS) to list their parts on our site. We make sure each company is approved before they list parts on the site. When someone is looking for a part we don't have, we work with our sourcing network to find it.

What type of warranty is there on the parts I buy from Mobius?

You will have 14 days from receipt of the goods to verify and accept them. If you find any non-conformance, we will ship them back at no cost to you. If you have a special request about warranties, please contact with any questions.

How do you charge for RFQs?

If the parts you are looking for are not available on our marketplace and we help you source them from our network, we will charge 12% of the order value as commission fee, to cover our cost of sourcing, inspection, payment escrow service, etc. The price you see on your quotes already includes this fee.

How do you determine the CNY:USD exchange rate?

We use the USD Cash buy rate at the Bank of China as our reference exchange rate. We accept payment in CNY and USD. However, our quotes will be provided in USD.

How do I start selling to Mobius?

First, apply to be a seller. Once you fill out our form, we will set up a seller interview to understand your goals and the parts you have to sell. You will get a dedicated account rep to help you upload parts and to get started.

What are the requirements to be a seller at Mobius?

You must be a company with an online presence that has been incorporated for longer than a year to sell with us. You must also be an OEM or CM. Your parts must have been purchased from an authorized distributor or have chain of ownership back to an authorized distributor. Finally, we need the parts to have been stored in the appropriate facility per the J-STD-033 requirement for the parts. If you are wondering whether you qualify, please contact us at and we can walk you through the process.

How do bids and prices on my parts work?

When you upload your parts, you can set a minimum price per unit. This will be the minimum at which you would be happy taking home after selling the parts (our fee would be taken out before this point). Our pricing algorithm will pick the best price for the part and negotiate on your behalf. Usually this price will be higher than your minimum but if prices on the market are lower than your minimum, we will never price your parts lower than the minimum. Once we sell your parts, we will send you the returns.

How fast do parts sell?

Parts typically sell in 15 to 45 days. You can set an expiration date on your listings (typically 90 days). After that time period we will either discount the parts or help you e-waste them.

How much do parts typically sell for?

This depends on whether the parts are in shortage. Parts that are not in shortage typically sell for 30-60% of the original value. Parts that are in shortage can be sold up to 4 times the original value. Usually you can get 3-7 times more than typical broker prices when selling with us.

Who ships the parts?

There are two options for shipping. You can choose a Managed Plan or a Self-service plan. In the Managed Plan, you ship all the parts to Mobius and then we will handle inventory, selling them and shipping them out. In the Self-Serve plan, we will send you shipping requests when your parts are sold . Ship them to our authentication facility and we will send them to the customer after the checks are done.

How do customs, duties and taxes work when selling to Mobius?

All parts are sold EXW, meaning the buyer is responsible for duties, customs and shipping costs.

How much does Mobius charge for selling?

Mobius charges 50% of the sales for a Managed plan and 40% of the sales for the Self Serve plan as commission fee to cover our cost for finding buyers, handling logistics and authenticating the parts. We charge a flat fee so we only make money when you do and we have an incentive to get you the best price.

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